Archives Reveal Family History

Archives Reveal Family History
Paternal Geat-grand Parents, Mittie and Jacob Smith

Friday, October 15, 2010

Emmett Till's Saga:Painful Lesson on Path to Healing

America has made a great deal of progress towards its democratic ideal of racial equality, one might argue, yet much remains to be done.The assassination of 15 yr. old Emmett Till in 1955 was a benchmark for a nation torn by the deep evil grasp of racial hatred, segregation and the irrational hate response generated by racial social codes and accepted conventions around racial difference and skin color.

The young Chicagoans' murder was a homegrown act of racial terrorism designed to instill fear. This cowardly act disturbed, enraged, angered and indeed did frighten some mothers and families fearing a similar fate for their sons, but more importantly it galvanized communities both black and white to shun fear and instilled an attitude of resistance that evolved into the modern Civil Rights Movement.History can be painful but it is important that it's lessons are learned, less we repeat our mistakes.The story of Emmett Till remains etched deeply in our national psyche but we as Americans shall continue to overcome.

(Warning some of the images in the video post may be disturbing)D-Day Media Group's mission is to inform not offend and educate toward a shared reconciliation)

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